About Walk Behind Spreaders

About Powerspreaders

I too, am a lawn care professional. I am a Certified PCO with over 25 years’ experience spraying and applying fertilizer, both residential and commercial properties.

For years I continued believing that somebody would come out with a spreader that would work for our industry. Not being an enthusiast of big ride-on spreaders, I had to do something to fill both my company and the industries need. In 2012, I decided to work on building a spreader without completely reinventing the wheel. I needed my technicians to be productive every day without physically wearing them out (Employee Retention). I also needed a spreader that was durable, and strong enough to power through thick St. Augustine lawns in Florida. It had to be smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable than the spreaders available. I continued refining the spreader for two more years before selling the first spreader. This walk behind spreader is what I use and I do believe you and your company will benefit from it, just as I have.

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