Maintenance Information

Daily Maintenance

At the end of any day, open hopper and hose any remaining fertilizer out (do not use a pressure washer). Spray off all fertilizer and residue from the machine. Include the plate, axle, both sides of the wheels, side shield, etc. Only spray off where fertilier dust and residue accumulate (handlebars and motor may not need spraying if no residue is apparent). After spraying, start the Honda engine and keep it idling while using a blower to remove any excessive water off the machine. Use a product such as WD-40 to lubricate chain, axle, plate, side shield, hydraulic hose ends, and all metal areas that came into contact with water. If your spreader has metal wheels, spray them inside and out, as well. The impeller will accumulate a gum like substance from fertilizer in humidity, scrape this substance off as necessary during use. Every 2 to 3 days of use, a pump of grease should be applid to the front axle.


Weekly Maintenance

First, follow the Daily Maintenance steps, then grease the axle. The grease zerks on the axle are under the axle, access them from the front near each wheel. Apply grease only until grease starts to come out. This pushes any water and fertilizer dust out of the axle bearings. Under heavy use this should be done 2 or 3 times per week. The swivel wheel in back has two zerks, one on the swivel itself. Roll spreader backwards to expose this zerk. The other zerk is on the wheel axle. Apply grease until it starts to come out. Spray lubricant such as WD-40 on the openings where the fertilizer comes through the hopper. Open hopper all the way and close the third hole with hopper open, spray to keep the third hole working smoothly. Use a good chain lubricant, such as lithium, on the chain rolling the machine as you spray. Check the oil in the Honda motor, oil level should be to the threads and visible. Open the reservoir, check the hydraulic fluid make sure it's near the top.


Seasonal Maintenance (Spring/Fall)

Change oil in the Honda motor.
Replace chain (if needed).
If using metal wheels, pull off and grease well to keep them from seizing to the axle.


Yearly Maintenance

Replace chain.
Replace hydraulic fluid in Reservoir. To do this, use a small pump to pump out the old fluid and refill with Warren Premium AW -68 Hydraulic Fluid.


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